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Wholesome Family Fun


Wholesome Family Fun

No Station Wagon Needed

Too often these days, we’re glued to our phones or devices, perusing social media, playing games or mindlessly bingeing TV shows. With summer upon us, it’s time to push your family to try something more exciting than scrolling Instagram or streaming a series you’ve already seen twice.

Helen Unicoi State Park

Parents and kids alike need to unplug from modern technology and reconnect through wholesome family fun. And you don’t have to be a Clark Griswold to make it happen. Forget stuffing your family in a station wagon for a cross-country trip; all you have to do is visit Unicoi State Park & Lodge just outside of Helen, Georgia.

Beach? Check.

If the beach is a vacation amenity your crew demands, we’ve got you covered. The beach at Unicoi Lake has all the necessary components for a perfect day in and out of the water. Set up the beach chairs, bring a picnic lunch and soak up the sun or, if water-based activities are more your speed, we’ve got those, too. Watercraft rentals for the 53-acre lake are available by-the-hour and include stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and canoes, as well as 2- or 4-person pedal boats – available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Talk about classic Americana.

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Try Something New? Or Maybe Tried and True

As a Georgia State Park, countless guests come to explore the 1,029 acres of adventure activities and mountain marvels on their own terms. Some enjoy navigating the hiking trails to Helen and Anna Ruby Falls, while others opt for peaceful mornings fishing on Unicoi Lake.

Unicoi Zipline

Thrill-seeking visitors come to Unicoi State Park & Lodge for the one-of-kind experience they can only get here. The Unicoi Zipline & Aerial Adventure Tour features 19 exhilarating zip lines and over 7 suspension bridges to push you to the limits. Those who want to test their aim head to the Unicoi State Park Archery & Air Gun Range, a shooting facility set up for both static and 3-D archery target practice and air gun rifle target practice. Find out which sharpshooter can earn bragging rights over the whole family.

Sleep Under the Stars

How often do you look up at the stars? Odds are you’re more likely to be staring at your phone than you are to be basking in the wonders of the night sky. Well, at our Squirrel’s Nest primitive campsites you’re sure to get back to stargazing. Designed for those traveling light and living simply during their stay, the elevated platforms are tucked into the sloping Georgia mountain terrain. All you need is a sleeping bag or a hammock to get a big dose of clean mountain air and starlight.


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There are many other accommodation options at Unicoi, including 51 RV campsites, 30 state park cabin rentals and 100 chic and cozy rooms at the Lodge. Choose the type of lodgings that will get the family on site and the park will do the rest.

Good Eats, Sudsy Treats

At some point on your trip to Unicoi, the family will earn climate-controlled fun and food at Smith Creek Tavern. The spacious eatery in the lodge seamlessly integrates an upscale, modern, yet natural dining room, but what puts it over the top is the full-size bar with an entertainment area that includes plenty of space for live music, billiards and shuffleboard along with five 65-inch televisions.

Unicoi Lodge Smith Creek Tavern Ribs

Little ones will be satisfied with the classic kids’ menu while adults and more adventurous teens may opt for regional favorites such as southern fried trout or go full Bavarian Helen with an authentic German platter. The menu also features standard fare like burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, quesadillas and sliders. While the kids indulge in desert, treat yourself to a flight of local and regional craft beer or a spirit made with Georgia-distilled liquors.

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